Some say Tumescent liposuction, or any cosmetic surgery, is cheating, while others believe it’s just a starting place for a better body. Both are true. Liposuction will not make you an instant bodybuilder or bikini model, and will certainly not give you great body structure.

It is a tool in helping men and women sculpt and contour bodies for those that have put in the work of good nutrition and regular exercise. Even the most active individual may have trouble getting rid of some underlying fatty tissue due to genetics or just hard to target areas.

For these people to choose a Tumescent liposuction procedure, it is not cheating. On the contrary, those who use cosmetic liposuction as their only means to obtain a better looking body are cheating.

These individuals may look fit on the outside, but will not have a healthy body structure without proper nutrition and exercise.

Tumescent Liposuction Procedure

In the past, liposuction meant having to take time out of your life for weeks, and endure months of painful swelling until the development of the Tumescent liposuction procedure in the 1980s. The patient is injected with a mixture of local antistatic and blood vessel constrictor.

This mixture will lessen the blood loss and turn the fat into the proper texture for removal. The suction tubes are small, which makes it possible for smaller incisions. Where the patient wants the fat to be removed, several tiny incisions will be made in that area. A flexible tube will be inserted into those incisions to remove the fatty tissue.

The recovery time is usually minimal, only a day or two with this procedure. Tumescent liposuction cost is comparatively lower than regular liposuction. Your total out of pocket Tumescent liposuction cost will bear greatly on the location, size of the area, and insurance.

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