Women find it very hard to get rid of the fat built up around their ankles. This area tends to be resistant to most conventional ways of removing fat. Unfortunately this area is highly visible and hard to hide. It prevents many women from wearing anything but pants because she is self-conscious and doesn’t want others to see the unsightly area. Many have tried working out and going on diets with no results.

Some are turning to ankle liposuction for treatment. The procedure is done by using a very small, hollow tube like mechanism. It is much smaller than the ones used for other areas of the body. This tube has suction and will be inserted into the fatty areas and gently pull out the deposited fat. There normally will be a tube left for a period of time to allow for proper drainage at the site. There is very minimal scarring and it produces very positive results. It is somewhat of invasive procedure and one can expect some recovery time will be needed. There is very little if any bleeding.

If you are interested in ankle liposuction as treatment you will need to be in good health and meet with a qualified physician to see if you are a potential candidate for this type of procedure. Some people have bone deformities thinking it is ankle fat. Seeking medical advice will rule this condition out. Before, many with looses skin were not candidates for liposuction. With this procedure they are.

The latest liposuction cost varies. The average cost is between 4,000 and 8,000 dollars. The Smart Lipo cost are more affordable because they are less invasive and keeps cost down. Because of the post surgery recovery and downtime patients are saving as well. Most are very happy with the laser technology and the body contouring results when they have been unable to achieve the desired affects on their own!

Author: Alex Styne

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