Although you might just have heard of them, Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCT, as they are more popularly known, have been around for over 20 years. Well, that is if we’re considering how long they have been synthesized. Typically, MCTs can be found in coconut oil or palm kernel oil.

Although most of the MCT available for purchase today are synthesized, they are still remarkably safe for consumption. Except for people with diabetes and some rare liver conditions, MCTs pose minimal health risks to most of the population. MCT is typically available either as the oil or a ready-to-use MCT powder that can be mixed in with food.

The key to the efficacy of MCTs is the significant amount of ketones they pack. Those ketones are useful for the body in diverse ways that we will now consider:

1.      Weight Loss

If you snoop around weight loss discussions for just enough time, you’ll come across ketosis. Ketosis has gained popularity with fitness enthusiasts due to its usefulness in helping people lose weight. What ketosis simply is, is the process through which your body consumes ketones instead of carbs. The ketosis process aids weight loss by making your body convert its fat to ketones and using it for energy. Typically, people achieve weight loss by eating foods low in carbs, forcing their bodies into ketosis.

MCTs, allow for a more natural process. Since they already contain significant amounts of ketones, your body can quickly enter ketosis by consistently having to digest ketones. MCTs also produce a feeling of fullness when consumed.

2.      Increased Performance.

Athletes are among those who have found MCT handy. This is because MCT also affects the body’s metabolism. MCTs are very easy for the body to digest, so they are an instant source of energy for people. When combined with carbohydrates, they can also allow for people to exercise longer.  Athletes have used MCTs to endure high-intensity exercises for longer.

3.      Lowers Body Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the bad guy of both weight gain and heart health. All cholesterols are not equal, though; there are good and bad cholesterols. Having many a significant amount of bad cholesterol can result in chronic health conditions like loss of memory, reduced mental function, a heart attack, or even stroke.

Coconut oil, which is rich in MCTs, has been shown to reduce the bad cholesterol the body produces and improve the good ones, especially when compared with other “healthy oils” like olive oil. This makes MCTs useful for managing one of the most significant risks of heart diseases.

4.      Lowers Blood Sugar

Although MCTs pose a slight risk to diabetics, they can be taken under supervision. This is because they are potent in controlling blood sugar levels. People with diabetes have been observed to need significantly less sugar to maintain their normal blood sugar levels. The effectiveness of MCTs with fat burning is essential for obese and overweight people who are the highest risk cases for diabetes.


MCTs are an almost perfect creation of modern medicine with minimal downside and very significant upsides. It’s no surprise most people are making it a mainstay in their daily lives. With MCT oils, everyone lives a better and fuller life.