Women dream of having celebrity like figure but do not know how to acquire one. The sight of beautiful clothes in your wardrobe always inspires you to have a great figure and flaunt them. But being overweight you simply dread the idea of wearing them. Here are 16 great exercises to lose weight fast and easy to help you fulfill your dreams.

Exercises to Lose Weight Fast & Easy

It is a common sight that people who want to lose weight resort to excessive dieting, crunches or running.  Over-weight individuals find it quite difficult to shed off the extra acquired calories. Regular exercises are a wonderful way to get rid of your excess weight.

16 Exercises To Lose Weight Fast & Easy

The healthiest way to lose weight is by exercises. Having stated that, we enlist the best weight loss exercises:

1. Biking To Lose Weight

If you find exercises boring, biking is a great option. You can spend some useful hours biking in a neighboring park or along the roadside. This will not only refreshes you but will also keep your interest alive and intact. You can lose weight fast & burn up to 1,000 calories by spending an hour on bike.

2. Aerobics To Lose Weight

Rigorous aerobics are effective in burning as much as 800 calories. So make aerobics your regular exercise to lose weight and  regular Aerobics routine will show you the results.

3. Swimming To Lose Weight

If water is not your aversion, then a dip in cool and fresh water can do wonders for you. It will help you lose weight & burn up to 800 calories. Swimming also tones up your muscles and helps you lose weight fast.

4. Dancing To Lose Weight

Dancing can help you get rid of extra weight in an interesting and effective way. So dance your way to a healthy and fit existence.
Depending on your dancing movements and pace, you burn calories. Fast steps lose weight in a speedy manner while slow steps lose slowly. Approximately you can lose up to 800 calories in an hour if you opt for dancing to lose weight.

5. Playing Racquetball To Lose Weight

Racquetball is indeed a perfect sport to burn off those extra calories.  You can easily lose up to 800 calories per game while smashing the ball against the wall and chasing the opponent. Racquetball is extremely popular sports for keeping fit and to lose weight fast and easy.

6. Yoga To Lose Weight

Meditating and practicing yoga can help you lose weight effectively. It develops flexibility and helps you tone your body muscles. Yoga helps you burn off as much as 200 calories if done correctly.

7. Kick-boxing To Lose Weight

If you have a fast and speedy temperament, then kick-boxing is just the right choice for you. A single workout helps to lose weight and it can burn about 600 calories per hour. Kick-boxing helps in toning up the muscles of your abdomen, arms and leg muscles.

8. Walking To Lose Weight

Walking is the simplest method to lose weight off your body. Walking works on the entire body and affects nearly all body muscles. Regular brisk walking helps to lose weight and you can burn up to 800 calories in a hassle-free way.

9. Rowing To Lose Weight

While enjoying the splashing water of the river you can lose weight too. Rowing helps you shed 600 calories per hour.  You can even practice rowing in your nearby gym.

10. Trampoline

You might be surprised but even trampoline can help to lose weight. Use trampoline as it is an easy way to burn upto 400 calories while skipping and bouncing just like kids.

11. Elliptical Burner

If you intend to lose calories without injuring knee or ankle joints, then elliptical burner is the right choice for you. Elliptical burner help you lose  weight and burn as many as 60 calories per hour besides toning your entire body muscles.

12. Jumping Jacks

This is the easiest way to lose weight in a speedy way. A 30 minutes regime will help you lose as much as 600 calories. Isn’t that great!

13. Skipping Rope To Lose Weight

If you don’t have much time to do exercise, skipping rope is a good way to look out for. Ropes will help you shed off about 800-900 calories.

14. Stairs Climbing To Lose Weight

Stairs climbing is gaining popularity amongst masses as it helps to lose weight. Just skip the elevators and climb up the staircase 8-19 times a day and see what wonders it does to your weight.

15. Squats

An old and effective method to lose weight is squats. It can help you shed 400 calories. So all you women out there, try this great option.

16. Lifting Dumbbells

Dumbbells have been an age old technique practiced across the world. It tones up your arms and biceps and triceps muscles. So if you dream of having those well toned up arms, dumbbells are the best option for you.

Follow these easy and simple exercises and shed off the extra kilos without much hassle.

 Tips to Lose Weight Fast

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