Planning a new move can get physically demanding and it may feel like you don’t have enough time to get everything done. Moving in itself can be a fun activity for you and your family and friends, but the packing and planning process is what takes the most effort and time. From cleaning and getting rid of some of your things to finding all of the correct moving supplies and finding your moving team, there will be moments where you feel overwhelmed with all the things that have to be done.

Plan well ahead and get started early.

The first thing to make sure your move to a new home is simple is to make sure that you begin the process as soon as possible. Getting started early will benefit your overall moving process greatly. The moment you know for sure that you want to move or have to is when you should start purging through your unwanted items. It may be hard to let go of some of your things, but remember it is for the best. The smaller amount of items and boxes you have to move contributes to the simplicity of your move.

Eliminate clutter and downsize if you need to.

Removing clutter and garbage as you pack will leave you with one less thing to do after you move all of your things out of your old home. Think about if you’re moving to a smaller space of a bigger one. Smaller homes require you to eliminate as much as you can to make sure your new home isn’t cluttered with things that won’t fit.

Boxes and packing matters.

When packing, don’t be afraid to buy too many boxes because you sure will need most of them, if not all. Use different size boxes that correspond with the type of items you are moving. For example, use larger boxes for your clothing and other necessities and use smaller ones for heavy things like kitchenware. This helps with the weight of the boxes you will have to carry. With a smaller box, you don’t have much room to fit a lot of heavy things so, you are breaking up the weight with smaller boxes.

Label your boxes to make sure that you know where everything is supposed to go. If you finish packing before your moving day, you’ll have more time to actually move and enjoy your new home space.

There are non-packing related things to keep in mind as it is also important to remember to update your paperwork and settle old arrangements. There are things that we don’t usually pay much attention to that needs to be taken care of before starting fresh in a new home, such as:

  • Transferring utilities
  • Connecting internet and cable TV
  • Updating address on things like licenses and bills
  • Changing locks and keys
  • Cleaning

Rent a truck or trailer.

Hiring professional movers can get expensive, even though it will relieve some pressure off you. But if you don’t want to spend extra unnecessary cash, how are you going to get your things over to your new place? Renting a truck, van, or trailer will not only shorten the time traveled between your old home and new home but make your move in a smoother process.

Renting your own truck or van and moving yourself is significantly cheaper than hiring a moving team. It should be considered to ensure your move is smooth. When choosing a rental, make sure to measure how much you have to move so you can get the right size truck or van.

A trailer works well when you’re using a pick-up truck and need to haul things such as lawn mowers and things of the sort. This can be a cheaper option as well, especially if you already own a pick-up truck. Finding attachments like trailers isn’t the hardest thing to do as there are options online.

Who’s your moving team?

When planning to move, you have to assemble a moving team. This cuts down the cost of having to hire movers to help. Find some manpower to assist with heavy things like furniture and appliances. Do it your self doesn’t have to actually mean do by yourself. Including others like friends and family will make the moving process more fun and allow time for bonding. Make sure whoever you choose to assist you in getting your things to your new home is trustworthy and preferably strong. Get your friends to help you move by offering to return the favor when needed or offer them lunch or dinner afterward.

Move on the weekend.

The days you chose to move also determine how smooth your move is. Simplicity is what we’re shooting for so, days that require you to take time off from work can be harmful in the long run. Having to make up days or losing your paid time off for a move can be avoided by planning everything for the weekend. Start early in the morning on Saturday so you actually have two free days to get everything moved and somewhat unpacked. Moving companies come with costs and complications so, moving on your own time is what makes the process smooth and simple.