Do you know that even the routine food you have, sometimes harm your sex life? After researching our food habits & foods scientists have come realized that certain foods are bad for sex life, not because they smell bad or make you full but because they lead to poor libido.

7 Foods Which Kills Your Libido

Following is a list of 7 foods which are known to kill your libido, you can’t simply ignore all of them but you can certainly decrease the quantity or frequency of having these libido killers.

Aerated drinks

Aerated drinks

In various studies and researches conducted by scientist it has been observed that aerated drinks affect human health badly even interferes with our genes. Aerated drinks can cause dental cavities, diabetes, obesity, dehydration, bone loss, diabetes leading to poor libido.

Artificial sweeteners


Artificial sweeteners available in market contain aspartame which reduces the level of happy hormone Serotonin which effects sexual behavior of an individual. These artificial sweeteners also cause headaches, depression, irritability, anxiety attacks, and insomnia. Avoid artificial sweeteners and go with natural sweeteners like honey and jaggery.

Canned food

canned food

Canned food products contain sodium, substandard products, and artificial additive resulting in high blood pressure. High blood pressure reduced the blood flow to our sexual organ when aroused, reducing your libido.

Too much Chips


Chips and crisps are prepared in rancid oil and are heated at high temperature. These chips can led to oxidative damage of the tissues and cells in human body which disturb the regulation of sex hormone.



A daily cup of coffee harms the functioning of adrenal glands in human body and produces stress hormones. A decline in the functioning of adernal gland functioning effects or reduces sex hormone leading to a disturbed sexual life.

Dietary Oils


Poor quality of dietary oils reduces women’s ability to conceive. These poor quality oil such as canola and other processed vegetable oils are prone to oxidation, causing free radicals in the body, thus adversely affecting women reproductive system. This also causes stress which ends up in low libido.



Most commercial cheeses are made of cow’s milk treated with antibiotics and other growth hormones. These dairy products effect the natural functioning of hormones, including sex hormones (oestrogen, progesterone, and testosterone) and result in the production of bad hormones which causes sexual dysfunction.

What’s your take on these 7 daily foods which are also a libido killers? Please leave us a comment and share your views with us.