crawling_childSafest period while raising a child is when you have your child in your lap but danger starts when you child starts to crawl. Every safe looking corner can be a possible dangerous place. We either have to keep looking at them while they crawl here and there in house still we can’t be sure that we won’t miss any possible moves which may prove dangerous to our child. Following are few safety tips for your crawling child

  • – Never leave your child alone on a bed or sofa, for even a minute.
  • – When bathing your child, fill the tub with enough water to just cover his legs when he is sitting in it. And never, ever leave your child alone when he’s in a tub.
  • – Keep a rubber mat at the bottom of the tub so it is not so slippery.
  • – Make sure the crib is secure, and the drop-down sliding door is shut if you ever leave the room with your child in the crib.
  • – When your child is sleeping in the crib, remove all toys.
  • – Don’t let your child play with small toys like marbles, which are small enough for him to swallow. There’s a danger he may choke.
  • – Keep knives and sharp objects out of reach at all times. Lock drawers which contain tools. In fact, lock all accessible drawers and cupboards which can be locked.
  • – Try and keep houseplants outside in the balcony, or place them at a height, or your child will be nibbling on mud all the time.
  • – Install a car seat in your car. The car seat should be facing the rear of the car, and should be fitted in the middle of the back seat.
  • – Attach soft rubber corners and edge guards to the corners of low-lying tables, so your child’s head doesn’t get hurt if he bangs it.
  • – Keep your room door locked when you are in the room, so your child can wander about where you can keep and eye on him.
  • – If you have a dog, keep him outside your child’s bedroom, especially if he sheds a lot of hair – or ticks!
  • – There’s no better substitute to a watchful eye. Till your child turns is almost two, you or someone you trust needs to be watching him all the time.

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