Do you think you are probably doing the best thing by spanking your kid to prevent misbehavior? Probably only in short-term. Spanking has been proven by psychologists to mark your child IQ low in comparison to other children in the long run, reason being you mentally scar the child with corporal punishment.

Not only is this seen across the west but all over the globe. Parents think they are reprimanding bad behavior and often use physical punishment to teach the child the right way of doing things. Children who are at this receiving end then associate fear with punishment and also may exhibit weak behavior or decision making ability later on.

The UN and EU both have made constant efforts to make parenting easier and a learning subject with parents. It is seen that southern families especially take to spanking and beating up their kids themselves. The child being small does not understand much and takes the beating badly. It is even reflected that children between 2 to 4 years have a lower IQ difference than children between 5 to 7 years. Parents also use random things such as wooden objects or belts to spank the child.

It is not only spanking but physical abuse churned out which is not only bad for the child but also affects the relationship between the parent and child. A verbal reprimand itself at times itself can be enough to make the child understand of what’s not good behavior. Tough children do yield to spanking and other physical punishments and perform better say may be in studies or behavior, whatever may be the reason for dispute. But most, either grow scared and shy away and also exhibit weak personality.

Money too has been seen to be a problem when it comes to spanking the child. May be the child wants a toy and starts crying or due to the parents being under pressure, they often push their frustration out by beating the child? In other cases, maybe the intelligence level of the child is what frustrates the parents. Parents often find it hard to accept that their child may not understand something easily, remember every child is different.

In any case parents should understand that because a child may not resort to handing back the physical punishment or stop you from dishing it out, it is not the reason you take advantage of it. You don’t want your child to fear you. Spanking is quite embarrassing to the mind of a kid and also, leaves them humiliated and hurt, hence, parents who are concerned about their children and also indulge in spanking should stop such behavior.

Instead make the child understand, reason with him or her and also, be tough when needed but draw the line between pinching the ear and spanking or physically abusing the child. A low IQ is resultant as the child may be not remember subconsciously by maybe fear or the conditional reasoning that happens with past experiences.

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  • Adam

    I am 13 and get spanked often with belt or cane on bare bottom and legs. And I am a good student I have no problem with my IQ.

  • Sorry to hear about that, but these things doesn’t mean 100% on every individuals. Typically in long run these things makes a mark on human mind. IQ yes, as per studies if you aren’t spanked your IQ will be better than the current.

  • Babyboysanchez09

    my mom spanked my 2sisters and myself…also most of my cousins were spanked by their parents. i dont think is a proven fact just an assumption. I read that most of these negative writing on spankings are reviews or opinions, etc. not controlled studies

  • Spankingisok

    That is about the dumbest article I have ever read. Are the “experts” referred to in this article against spanking and say that spanking affects IQ because they disagree with it? IQ is determined by genetics and remains the same throughout your life unless you are a boxer, or person, who’s brain is constantly rattled by repeated blows to the skull, or you get a lobotomy. I don’t know of many people who would punch their child or whoop them over the skull; all pain endured is purely physical (unless you do this all the time for no reason) and only meant to set boundaries and let a child know that a certain behavior has a consequence so that the behavior is not repeated. Get real you liberals.
    There is an occasional spanking and repeated long term abuse. I have a family member who’s mother died when he was 9, was abused by his stepmother for six years, and locked in the basement after school practically. This person was not fed, he had to eat out of the garbage or scrounge up food from other sources and he is a genius. He is now very successful, very smart, and the most law-abiding, moral person I have ever known. And, his judgement is better than I have ever seen; He never seems to make the wrong choice. He was more responsible by the age of 18 than most 40 year olds are.