inferiority_complexKids – the God’s gift to a couple,  cute,  innocent,  devilish and darlings around us making our life beautiful. Their smile and laughs fill our world with happiness. Children are the angles on earth, making us laugh,  smile and forget our sorrows.  But sometimes our small mistakes make them frustrated, they start misbehaving and even sometimes fill our life with sorrows.

Misbehaving of the children can be due to many reasons which is well explained in my article Does your child misbehave often?. Even worse can happen they sometimes develop inferiority complex and try to suicide, the reasons are available Save your child – help suicidal teen. Usually rejection by family and friend circle or exceedingly high expectation are blamed to be root cause of inferiority complex in children.

In general inferiority complex develops if we give more consideration to our negatives than our positives. Children suffering from an inferiority complex isolate themselves from others and become preoccupied with their feelings of inferiority. Family support and motivation plays a vital role in overcoming inferiority complex and building high level of confidence and self esteem.  Here are some tips for  parents to help their child fight inferiority complex :

  • – Parents must understand that each individual is different. They should not compare their child with anyone.
  • – Give a pat on your child’s back and say I am proud of you even for the smallest achievement.
  • – Your child will not like to see you favoring anyone else even if it be a sibling.  So stop being partial.
  • – Let your child develop a sense of self-worth by serving other people.
  • – Books are said to be ones best friend,  and children are more fascinated and attracted towards them .Help your child  in readings books,  it will help you strong your bond with the child.
  • – Know your child”s  like and dislike,  encourage him to do what he like most for ex – if he likes painting,  help him find a painting class,  appreciate his paintings etc. This will increase his self – confidence and faith in you also.
  • – Motivation is the key to success.  Motivate him often alone and in front of others  (his friends) .
  • – Spend some time with your child and help him develop a sense of belonging-ness. A dinner together can be  a best option, or you can pick – drop your child to school,  be there( at home )  when he/ she returns from school etc.

Parents need to take great care in ensuring what is being communicated to the child.Inferiority complex can easily be overcome if you know yourself, celebrate yourself and never compare yourself to someone else. Basic fundamentals need like acceptance along  with the need for control and to compete should be adequately fed for the child thus making him  able to bear  the negative experiences without getting inferiority complex which can shatter his/her  personality.

Does inferiority complex bothers your child? or do you know someone who’s children suffers from this problem? Would apperciate  your suggestion and ideas to enhance my spirits and act as an inspiration for me.  Comment below and share your ideas to cure this general problem in our children.