smoothing-step-parenting-transitionIf you are searching for how to smooth your step parenting transition then read on. Being a single parent is not easy as you have to manage lots of things alone related to your child development and requirements. If you fell in love and decide to marry you are in a confused state on how to ease the marriage transition with your child. Situation becomes worse if both the partners are biological parents of kids living with them. Usually, people talk about all possible step-family issues prior to indulging in a relationship which is leading towards marriage to smooth their evolution into becoming a combined family.
In United States due to sudden rise of step families, those willing to take their relationship to the next level (marriage) are opting to talk about every possible thing to make sure there are no conflicts later on. However, things won’t go as easy as it may sound. Conflicts, ignorance or mistakes do tend to happen, so here are 10 tips on how to smooth the transition of marriage with the children.

Top Ten Tips For Smoothing Your Step Parenting Transition

Believe me step parenting won’t gonna be easy as you should prepare your mind to take care of all the requirements of your partner’s child along with your own kids. Here is how you should prepare yourself.

  1. Read and understand basic child development so you don’t mistake developmentally normal behaviors as inappropriate, uncooperative or as personally against you.
  2. – Be aware that the first couple of years of marriage are messy. Typically, it takes 5 to 7 years for a step-family to become cohesive. Initially, people are trying to understand each other and find their position in the group. It can be difficult.
  3. Lower your expectations. Step-parents do not have the power or authority to fix their step children or the family. Only a biological parent has that ability.
  4. – Set the discipline & roles clear. Talk with your to-be spouse about what the household rules (Bedmaking, watching TV,  church to follow) and personal rules (borrowing clothes, toys etc.) are going to be.
  5. Discuss the external household rules, such as how will you handle medical care if the biological parent isn’t there to sign a release. Step parents do not have legal authority, unless it is given to them.
  6. Talk about money issues. The Step family Association of America has tapes and booklets discussing everything from planning a wedding to doing your own will and estate. Look for information concerning financial issues and figure out as many as you can before you’re married.
  7. Keep you and your spouse’s bond strong. People have to build their relationship, alone. That way kids can see how a healthy adult relationship works.
  8. Get creative. Friendships are created through a shared history in the family. You have to create shared memories. Snap pictures of the family doing things together and display the photos out. Find ways to do things with your step children to create a shared memory. Baking, planting, skiing on a trip, whatever creates those special moments should be encouraged.
  9. Make changes slowly. You don’t want to change things all at once. Make your own traditions, but do it over time.
  10. Discuss discipline and make sure the biological parent is the one carrying out the discipline of his or her child.

Let me know if the above tips helped you in smoothing your step parenting transition. Although, step parenting is not easy but if done with good spirits there won’t be any problems later. Please leave me a comment and share your experiences with us. Share your expert tips on how to deal with step parenting transition. Don’t forget to Subscribe our RSS for latest updates delivered to your email for free.