There are some people out there who would claim that, since they happen every day, there’s nothing all that special about a wedding. We, respectfully, disagree. Weddings are always unique, always shaped to the bride and groom in one or another, and always darn fun. The best ceremonies are the ones that put the couples’ love at the forefront of the day, from the clothing to the party and everything in between. Below, we offer five details that will put an extra dose of romance into your wedding day, and make it completely your own.

Focus On Your Story

It’s been a long journey getting you two to the altar, and along the way you’ve created something pretty unique. Before you embark on the next stage of your love, take some time to reflect on what has already been before. You’ve already got a wealth of loving moments behind you, as well as plenty of funny moments too, so let them shine through on the day. A wedding is about what is to come, but you couldn’t have made it to this point without everything that came before.

Get the Jewelry Just Right

The wedding rings you choose are a physical manifestation of your love, and it’s important that you take steps to make sure that you’re getting the right one for each other. However, instead of choosing individual rings for one another, why not add a touch of romance to the proceedings by selecting matching wedding rings? You can choose his & her Tacori wedding bands and begin your new unified life with a symbolic gesture of togetherness. Nothing says you’re going to be together forever like wearing one-half of a two-ring set!

Added Details to the Outfit

The dress and suit that the bride and groom wear is always romantic, but they don’t get much attention beyond the wedding itself. Usually, that is. You can make your outfits one for all time by having your names, wedding date, and venue stitched to the inside. There are a million wedding dresses gathering dust all across the globe; by doing this, you’ll be making your outfits extra special and definitely won’t be throwing them away anytime soon.

Mix Up the Readings

There’s a whole bank of traditional wedding readings available online, but there’s only so much that those blanket texts can say about you as a couple. Instead, ditch the usual readings and create your own. As we mentioned above, you two already have an extensive collection of anecdotes, mishaps, and adventures together, so why not use them as the basis for the readings of your wedding? You can also use this approach to get the guests involved in the wedding, as they provide their favorite stories of the best couple around.

A Moment of Cal

If you’ve spent time going over all the small details of your wedding, then there’ll be enough candles and other romantic details to make sure it’s a day to remember. Still, take a moment, just you two, away from the madness, to share a romantic moment. If you can feel the love, everybody will.