Good, thick and shiny hair is every woman’s dream and it is not at all a difficult job to have bulky hair volume & envious hair mane. Whether long or short, it should look youthful and ample in quantity to leave a good mark.  Learn how to maximize hair volume, add volume to your hair and  have good voluminous hair mane.

Maximize Hair Volume, Add Volume to Hair, Voluminous Hair

Hairs are indeed your crowning glory and have a direct impact in making your personality a stylish and trendy one. Are you tired of your limp and lifeless mane? Do you dream of bouncy and Voluminous Hair? We are going to give 20 tips to maximize hair volume to have lustrous bouncy and Volumized Hair.

20 Tips To Maximize Hair Volume, Add Volume to your Hair and have Voluminous Hair

1. Know Your Hair Type

Before thinking about your hair volume, it is important for you to know your hair type. There are three phases that every hair type goes through-the growing phase, the intermediate phase and the resting phase. Generally 80-90 percent of the hair is in the first phase, 1 percent is in the second phase and the remaining hair is in the third phase. However circumstances may expedite the cycle and can cause thinning of hair.

2.  Remove Excess Build Up

Remember the first and the foremost step towards having great hair volume, volumized hair is to shun excess build of hair products. Avoid using every product that comes your way. Be selective and choosy while opting for hair products.

3.  Select Hair Products Carefully

Be wise in selecting the hair products. Read the brochure carefully and look for the ingredients, if they will help your hair volume. You may also search and read about them on the internet. Increase your knowledge and then go ahead. It is a bit lengthy but just do it, as your hairs are at stake!

4. Get a Haircut For Good Hair Volume

If your hair is long, have a good haircut to have shiny hair volume, volumized hair. Get your hair cut in layers as they add extra hair volume.

5. Use Heated Rollers To Increase Hair Volume

For an instant hair volume increase, you may use heated rollers and wrap them around hair in segments. The larger the roller greater will be hair volume achieved.

6. Blow Dry For Extra Bulk In Hair Volume

Blow dry your hair and use a fairly round and large brush and brush them from inside to outside. This is a good technique as it adds extra bulk to your hair volume.

7. Color Your Hair for extra Hair Volume

Color your hair as coloring adds to hair volume as well. The hair strands actually swells and become thick. But do not color it too often as it causes hair fall. Be selective in choosing good hair color.

8. Back Comb For Quick Hair Volume

Back comb is a quick and easy way to add hair volume. Use a big-toothed comb and a branded hair spray and comb your hair easily towards back.

9. Sleep On For Extra Hair Volume

Wash your hair before going to bed and wrap them in a dry towel. Leave them as such and sleep. The next morning they will look healthier and bouncier as never before. Try this, it is a great hassle-free method to add hair volume.

10. Healthy Hair Diet For Bulky Hair Volume

Diet is important for having good hair volume. Vitamins, minerals, folic acids etc. should be taken in adequate amount to have good and healthy hair. Vitamin C found in citrus fruits is very important for keratin production. Take these in sufficient amount to have good hair volume and hair texture.

11. Massage Your Scalp To Get Hair Volume

Scalp massage is very crucial as it increases blood circulation and strengthens the hair. Massage with coconut or jojoba oil at least twice a week. Wrap a warm towel for 10-15 minutes for extra conditioning.

12. Wash Regularly For Better Hair Volume

Keep your hair clean and wash them regularly. Dirt and dust blocks the pores and causes hair fall so it becomes essential to keep your hair clean.

13.  Use Natural Products For Thick Hair Volume

Use herbal or natural products. Avoid opting for synthetic based products because chemicals damage your hair in a disastrous way. Natural hair care products keep your hair healthy and provides extra thickness and hair volume.

14. Homemade Remedies for Hair Volume

Make a paste of honey and vinegar in equal quantity. Add one cup of water and mix well. Keep this mixture in spray bottle and whenever you wash hair just spray some of it on damp hair and massage well. Avoid rinsing to add volume to your hair.

15. Cover Your Head

If you step out in dusty place, remember to cover the head to prevent dirt and dust getting clogged in them. This is widely apt for African or Gulf region.

16. Regular Trimming Helps Hair Volume

Trimming is a good practice as it makes the hair strong and damage free. Hair problems like split-ends are tackled easily in turn you get good hair volume.

17. Use Henna Based Products

Using henna or henna (Mehndi) based products can also make your hair strong and add to hair volume. It is a good way to have bouncy and voluminous hair.

18. Drink Plenty of Water

Drink plenty of water as it removes toxins from the body. The toxins cause a lot of damage to the body, as they are one of the primary causes of hair fall.

19. Condition Your Hair

Conditioning is also important. Use a natural conditioner once a week to have that bouncy and youthful hair mane.

20. Use Your Own Towel to Dry Hair

After washing use your own dry towel and wrap around the hair for few minutes. This is a good technique to make them voluminous and bouncy.

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