Lice can be an embarrassing situation so much so that people can stop hanging around you and isolate you. You may not have done something to get it but you got it the same right, not fair. There are several shampoos available in the market for lice treatments but they also contain heavy toxins. You may dump one bottle after another but you may still not be able to eradicate lice completely. Instead, look for natural lice medications which are absolutely effective.

The lice treatment shampoos available in the market have agricultural insecticides and are banned from usage. Often if you do usage these shampoos and keep them for a while, it is without doubt that you may feel dizzy or a mild headache coming. Try the method mentioned below.

You want to make sure you get rid of the lice and eggs both completely. Try applying oil for starters. You can go with either olive oil or coconut oil for a natural lice treatment therapy. Drench the hair completely in oil, applying thoroughly from scalp to end. Next cover your head with a shower cap and leave it like that. The idea is to suffocate the lice and let it sleep after absorbing the oil. If you are going to sleep, make sure you wrap your head with a thick towel and cover your pillow also with a spare cloth.

You could try mayonnaise also as a solution to apply for lice as its consistency makes it easier to hold on to the hair and stays more effective as lice medication but can be very messy to deal with. Do search the eyebrows and eyelashes for nits i.e. eggs also. Do not contemplate applying anything but Vaseline for these two places and comb through at least 4 times a day.

When you open your hair, make sure you put a white towel on the ground and one around your shoulder and try to keep away from any furniture or carpets. Best would be if you put yourself in an open area like a balcony with enough light to see also. Take a thick nit comb and start treating partitions of your hair with it. Comb from scalp to end and you will notice lice and nits falling on towel. If you are picking out nits or lice, keep a bowl of water next to you and leave it in that so that it does not get away. Look at the comb bristles every time you comb it through your hair. There is a chance the lice or nits may get stuck in between. Slide them through and put them in water.

Once down, shampoo your hair with your normal shampoo and follow the same routine for a few weekends. Wash your comb and check daily for nits if you want to eradicate lice completely. Wash any hair accessories, clothes and bed linen in hot water to prevent it homing in them.

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