Hair graying is a sign of aging but premature graying of hair can be due to dietary deficiencies, stress, excess consumption of coffee, alcohol, oily, fatty foods and tea. Try to control their intake to prevent premature graying of hair.

10 Tips to stop premature graying hair, prevent premature greying

It is a common notion that grey hair is indicative of wisdom. Grey hairs might make us look wise but not young for sure. It is indeed a putting off to mask up your grey hairs at a time when your friends are boldly flaunting their crowning glory and are experimenting with trendy colors.

Premature graying of hair can be due to various reasons such as stress, illness, nutrients deficiency, heredity, etc. These factors reduce the production of melanin.

Top 10 Tips to Stop Premature Graying Hair

Well there is no way to stop greying but you can delay it for sure. Here are top 10 tips to stop premature graying of hair:

1. Kill the Stress

Stress is the most notorious of all causes resulting in premature graying. Today everyone’s life is occupied with stress and it is almost unavoidable. Beat that stress and try to ease out life’s turmoil. Keep it cool and relax. You may resort to exercises or mediation to cope with stressful situations, this will certainly prevent further premature graying of hair.

2. Ribbed Gourd

Ribbed gourd enriches your hair roots and restores the vital pigment melanin.  Just soak the dry vegetable in coconut oil for 3-4 days and then boil this concoction till black residue is left.  Massage it on your scalp and leave for 1-2 hour and then wash with a herbal shampoo. Very nice tips to stop premature graying of hair.

3. Eat Well

Ensure to eat well and healthy. Your diet should include vitamins, minerals, iodine, iron and other vital ingredients. Take a lot of green vegetables and fresh fruits eg. Pomegranates, blackberries and pineapples. Add nuts such as almonds and pumpkin seeds. Include copper rich vegetables like turnip, lima beans, spinach etc. in your diet to stop premature graying of hair.

4. Diet Supplements

Consult your doctor or trichologist and start taking multivitamins containing good percentage of copper to stop further premature graying of hair.

5. Important Herbs

Certain herbs are known to possess excellent hair strengthening and color restoring properties like Amla or Indian Berry and Fo-ti- the Chinese herb. They can be taken internally as well as applied in easy formulations on the scalp to prevent premature graying of hair.

6. Add Soybean In Your Diet

Soybean is known to prevent premature graying. It contains proteins, copper, manganese and plenty of vitamin A and vitamin B. The combined effect of all these ingredients is wonderful in preventing graying of hair. So incorporate soybean in your food and avoid premature graying of hair.

7. Blackstrap Molasses

It is by product of sugar refining process. Blackstrap molasses is the best source of manganese and copper which are vital for the production of melanin (a pigment essential for blackening of hair). Blackstrap Molasses is known to prevent premature graying of hair to good extent.

8. Useful Coconut Oil

Massage the scalp with coconut oil is a proven remedy to prevent premature graying of hair.  Massage the coconut oil every night and wash off in the morning. This technique is widely known to reverse the grey hair into black.

9. Use Herbal and Medicated Hair Products

It is always recommended to use natural or medicated products. Avoid using commercialized hair products. Do not use scented or perfumed shampoos as they cause premature graying of hair.

10.  Maintain Hair Hygiene

Hair hygiene is very important and should be stringently followed. Avoid using other’s towel or comb. Carry your personal comb and towel if you are going out. Always use your own shampoo and do not try others’

Premature Graying Of Hair: Bonus Tip:

Avoid coloring your hair too frequently. Coloring damages the natural melanin and causes irreversible premature greying. Take care of these tips and you will surely have good, healthy and black hair that would be an object of desire for others and your pride!

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