Gel nails give acrylics a tough competition. Other than acrylics nails, gel nails are equally famous and are highly preferred by nail art lovers. Though some may say that acrylics are much stronger but the main reason women prefer gels nails are because they look very natural.

If you are a working professional woman and do not need artificial looking nails for you i.e. because acrylics to some extent can look like an artificial nails, you can go for gel nails as they are soft, flexible, do not turn yellow and are porous. You do not have to handle the pain of maintenance by visiting the salon every week neither do you have to worry about nail damage like in the case of acrylics.

Gel nails have made their popularity rise in salons and nail bars and are preferred up to 90% in Europe. Gel nails are preferred as the clients can wear these to hide broken or small nails and after a time when their real nails have grown, they can wear the art on their own natural nails.

There are plenty of advantages of gel nails like they are odorless unlike acrylics; they are crystal clear, lightweight which makes them flexible and easy to maintenance. They do not split or crack easily and hence make a good treatment for cracks or split natural nails. But like anything else, an object with so many advantages comes at a high price. They are more expensive than acrylics but if you consider the least maintenance they aren’t that costly to get for a longer period and can be applied for just about anyone.

If you’re a great fan of nail art, you may want to try this, but let us tell you unless you are a professional, you may not be able to handle this. The Gel in this case is essential and can be compared to “Heena” or hair color that once put does not come off before long.

The one thing to keep in mind if you are getting gel nails is that you must keep your nails and hands moisturized, before yes, but even more so afterwords. The gel used for gel nail art is special dental powder gel. Your nails do not need that much filing like in the case of acrylic nails so a few files should suffice.

If you have bitten nails or find it hard to grow your nails, you can easily get gel nails as they are economical and also look natural and stay that way for a long time as the color stays fresh and keeps your nails shiny and healthy looking. If at all you need a maintenance appointment it will be after a long time. You won’t have to bear frustration while looking down on your small or unhealthy nails. Get gel nails and you can happily flaunt them.

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