Marriage is an important decision. When looking for a man to marry it is important to set a few ground rules for a better future. Every woman has certain expectations like any man. Hence, to narrow down to what is absolutely mandatory in a man before you decide to tie the knot is specified by us in top 10 qualities of men whom you should not marry.

What do you look for when searching your soul mate hence husband? The answer we typically get is stability, good finances, good friend, caring, open minded, no mama’s boy, good sense of humor, believes in equality, well mannered with good etiquette and above all should be very good in sharing his things (monitory as well as emotional stuff). Well, to sum up you are looking to get everything a women should get but a man with all the above qualities are hard to get. Still, there are definite signs which can tell you whether the person you are thinking as a future husband will provide what it takes to be a husband. Don’t confuse these signs and look for in a person you are simply dating. Dating is a different arena altogether.

No stability

A man with no stable job is clearly not a good prospect. A freelancer is another thing but a man no stable income is a bad provider. Though everyone is allowed to choose a profession they want, considering a future together and any children to come out of your union should clearly not suffer. A man depending on you is also a risk you will be taking in the long run. Hence, pick a guy who has stability of job and who is capable in the arena of work.

Bad Saver/ Miser

A spendthrift is the second quality we would say stir clear off. Spending on you a couple of times or splurging once or twice is a good thing. But down to your last penny every time and no saving for the raining day is not what you want to live with.

Cannot Make A Good Friend

A couple is also supposed to be friends, companions. Why is that once you’re old, you need a companion? Friendship introduced in a relationship can often make things even more fun. If the man finds it hard to respond or act like a friend but bosses you around like a kid, ditch the guy, as you don’t want a father around but a man.

Blind With Jealousy/ Possessiveness

Let’s admit it ladies, a bit of jealousy or possessiveness is sexy; it shows that the man cares but let’s draw the line at that. Too much can either indicate a personality disorder, complex? You don’t want to be straddled with a case of domestic violence or an unbearable relationship. Observe, while you are getting to know a prospective partner you will automatically unravel the personality traits.

Mama’s Boy

We are not sure if this is a turn on. Nope, it’s quite a turn off. Many women say that the moment they spot a mama’s boy, their flame can be whipped off. Hence, decide if you are ok with this or you want a man to do by as you say.

Lacks A Sense Of Humor

This can be killer. No sense of humor spells ‘no light moment’. You don’t want an equivalent of the boot camp. Try to make him lighten up. If the guy is too uptight, dump him and he won’t be any longer.

Defies Equality

Hey girl, it’s the new era of forward thinking for both the sexes. Gone is the Victorian era and the life of just a housewife. Do not confuse chivalry all the time. A little bit is nice but if the man does not allow you equality in what’s necessary, give him a shout out about you being no damsel in distress.

Hates Sharing

Well, is this the case? We’re not sure if you’ll like it. To certain extent it will also give him a sense of selfishness. We’re not sure if such a man makes for a good partner. After all, life together is about sharing, commitment and compromise.

Puts You Down In Private Or Public

This is an extreme case we are taking. Though no partner who cares enough will do this, some partners who have a complex get satisfaction by doing this. It stems with acceptability. At times a partner does not think of you as good enough or stupid. Hence, get the guy a piece of your mind and move on.

Lacks Basic Etiquettes

The society or even your family will expect your partner to behave in a particular manner. The
society has some norms of conduct. You hardly want to be alienated for your partner’s misbehavior. Rather than spend a lifetime putting up with it for a lifetime, think before you start with it all together.

These are 10 signs for you to evaluate using your head and not heart whether to marry him or not. I would love to hear your experiences or opinion about these qualities. Which trait can you ignore if he possess certain qualities you look for? Please leave me a comment and let me know. Subscribe our RSS to receive latest Relationship updates.