belive_love1We all at least once must have fallen in love. Love is essential and necessary  for  all relationship. But complaints and irresponsible behavior of one partner makes this love disappear. Does perfect Valentine exist? If you love me show me demand both genders! and while men love doctors, women love army officers and athletes….now. If only there was more chore play than foreplay! Read on the results of random survey to find out what more :

– Is Perfect Love For Real?

May be, may be not, can’t say for sure!. Love demands that you enjoy your partner’s imperfections. While 40 percent of women said yes, 25 percent preferred to sit on the fence. Over half the men, though believed in perfect love, and 35 percent pooh-poohed the concept.

– The Hunt For Love

Would you trawl places you’re normally not seen in, like a concert? Over 75 percent women and 65 percent men would rather wait for love to happen. 20 percent of men will give it a try. some people admitted that that in desperation they have used dating websites , done gymming and gone partying in the hope of meeting the perfect mate.

– The Ring Of  Commitment

Would your voice disapproval of  an engagement ring? While 70 percent of the men, predictably don’t care what it looks like, more than half the women do and 15 percent would consider being vocal. So, guys if you are picking out the engagement ring , it would be best to take her along.

– If  You Could Change One Thing

Intriguingly, for both sexes, a culturally aware and thoughtful partners tops the list. A better looking mate comes low down on the list.  only 20 percent women and 10 percent men decided their partners were fine as they were. Physical fitness was a bonus ( better sex ).

– Love Is Uniform

Do women digg men in uniform? Well the big news  is 70 percent of men digg female doctors, followed closely by athletes. Women are turned on army officers, athletes and doctors in that order.

– Show ME Your Love

Do you believe in public display of affection? While an overwhelming 70 percent women ( and practically all the men ) believe in public display of their affection. 40 percent would choose a tropical island for it. As one women commented – If you love me, I must be shown that you do, not just in bed, but any and everywhere.One men suggested non Ac camp in the  deserts of rajasthan while others settled for the safety of the rear seat of car.

– Money Is Sexy

Money , Fame or both? While 50 percent women rooted for the moolah, men had a tough time choosing and 40 percent settled for both and 30 percent for sex. Among the women, 25 percent went for the sex and the same number settled for both! The mantra Get rich , the sex will follow .

– A Little Inspiration

Most women ( 55 percent ) are right that steamy scenes by movie stars were part of male fantasies and adult images came close ( 50 percent confessed . the men ) . As for women , romantic novels scored as high as onscreen, followed by male friends( 10 percent ) . Women in general watch out their freinds too figure out their fantasies. A man commented, Most women just want what their best girlfriends just have.

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