Personal Traits and Physical Attributes Women Fall For

Along with love at first sight, there is another type of love that can be roughly described as love born from first impression and it’s the way most women fall for men. While men usually get a crush on a girl because of her stunning appearance, most girls wait until a guy does something that is worth falling for him. Still, nobody denies that man’s six-pack can kindle an immediate infatuation.

Wonder what makes women fall for men? Dating experts from where you can meet ukrainian brides decided to find the answer and polled their female users. The results were pretty predictable and they proved the idea that women pay more attention to man’s personality rather than his appearance.

Since falling in love is a spontaneous process and very often unexplainable, you never know what will impress a particular woman and when will it happen. Here are the things about men’s character and appearance that make women fall in love with them.

Sense of Humor

Women like to laugh and the man who can make them smile will always win women’s hearts. A sense of humor is a gift that helps people survive the difficulties and be positive no matter what. About 75% of women would like their partner to have a sense of humor because they think this is a very important trait of any man. Very often, a single witty remark is enough to evoke her interest in you.


Intelligent men are another passion of many women. When nerds grow up, they become extremely interesting interlocutors. Since women love with their ears, eloquent and well-read men will always be number one candidates to fall in love with.

Also, women feel secure with brainy guys because they always know the right answers and can kind find a solution to any problem. Intelligent people never stop learning and improving and this is what makes them so attractive.

The Adage

‘Manners make the man’ is not mere words. A courteous man stands out in a crowd and is immediately spotted by women. In today’s world good manners are often confused with flirting but at the same time, they are a powerful tool for impressing women. It takes nothing to be polite to people around you but it can have a tremendous effect on a woman you want to approach. It’s very important for a woman to see that a man is courteous not only to her but also to other people, especially to the servicing staff (waiters, cashiers).


Another trait that can make a woman fall for a man in several minutes is confidence. Women find confident (not overconfident) men extremely sexy. Confidence manifests itself not only through the words and actions but through person’s gestures and posture. Women know they’re in front of a confident man if he stands or sits in an open position (no folded arms or round shoulders), his moves are smooth, and eye contact is steady.

Sense of style

A woman may get swept off her feet not only by some personal traits of a particular man but also by some features of his appearance. They are rather of secondary rather than primary importance but they contribute to a general impression too. Women immediately notice how a man looks and how good he is at matching the items of clothing. They are flattered if men dress up a bit when they go out on a date.

Masculine Features

When it comes to physical attractiveness, every woman to her own taste. But there is one feature all women find very attractive – masculinity. Manly facial features are noticed first (jawline, cheekbones) and admired. Then, women assess men’s build: broad muscular shoulders and taller than average height tell her subconscious that she can be safe with you.

What according to you makes women fall for men? Please leave us a comment and let us know.