online-dating-tips1Internet has made everything easily accessible and compact. You are now just a click away from your friends, relatives and those you dream about. This globalization has its own effect and side –effects. One of its side effects can be termed as the habit of online dating in youngsters.

Online dating is unsafe, moreover is subjected to frauds. People use fake id’s to satisfy their urges.

While you considering somebody as your friend, disclosing your life with faith and trust to him/her and in return he/she may be using it in a wrong manner. Always remember there is huge difference between meeting somebody personally and meeting online.

Here are few precautions you should take while dating online:

  • – Don’t Disclose Your Personal Details: Don not disclose your phone number, address , email etc. to a person online unless and until you have meet him/her personally.
  • – Don’t be too personal: Avoid disclosing your likes and dislikes in few meetings as you don’t know the other half personally, moreover internet friendships are subjected to many frauds. So don’t be too close unless you have met him/her personally.
  • – Be cautious about fraud sites: Nowadays there are many frauds site available in the internet world. So be very attentive and careful. Check the credibility and reliability of the site before creating your profile. Try creating a profile with some random name.
  • – Don’t get to close: Don’t just rush into a relationship. Be steady and slow at initial phase. Avoid getting too much involved with the person and always keep a distance. So that you can prepare yourself for any kind of consequences.
  • – Be a guard of yourself: It is not possible to judge a person entirely if you haven’t met him. Thus it is advisable to act as a guard for yourself.
  • – Keep it straight forward: Try to write your emails simple and light hearted as much as possible. Long emails are not required and should be avoided.
  • – Add humor to your talks: A good sense of humor will attract your friend to communicate with you and will also help you keep it impersonal.

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