Gone are the days when high heeled bridal shoes were the only choice for women. These days women are sensitive enough to stay away from crowd and prefer flats over high heels. But, the choice entirely depends upon the wedding, mood and bride’s personal choice. Women who are tall would not love to wear high heels because they sometimes look taller than their fiancée which sometimes look awkward. Similarly, those who are short do not prefer high heels because they are not comfortable in. problem with high heels are that they are not comfortable. Bridal Flats or Sandals looks less traditional as per many young women.

Study suggest that women who even hate high heels prefer high heels because those are quite traditional and they are willing to sacrifice comfort over tradition for their most important day. On the other hand there are many women who say that they prefer flat on their most important day just because the venue of the wedding is something which forces them to wear flats.

For most women their wedding day will probably be the single tensest day in their lives even if it is the culmination of a lifetime of dreaming. With this in mind contemplation also should be given to the possibility that high heels present a considerable risk of stumbling or falling due to them getting caught up in the wedding dress.

No matter you choose either high heels or flats all you have to do is check whether you are comfortable and your bridal shoes matches with the party, occasion and most importantly they look good on your feet.

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