When you are shopping for the best day of your life (wedding) it’s normal to feel scared and confused while shopping fancy or designer bridal shoes. You need to think very carefully before purchasing bridal shoes because your choice should depends upon the wedding type, time, weather conditions and location.

Time: Depending upon the wedding time you have to choose bridal shoes which matches with your dress. You can’t wear pink bridal shoes in morning but they might look cool in the evening wedding. Evening wedding would suit to strap sandals with elegant straps.

Wedding Dress Color: Wedding dress color also plays an important role in deciding bridal shoes. Traditionally women prefer white but with the advent of fashion clothes you can see a variety of bridal color available in the market to choose from. You can choose any color but you should ensure that the shoes you are purchasing matches with the wedding dress color and style.

Wedding Dress Style: You can’t ignore the wedding dress style while selecting bridal shoes. Although, bridal shoe color matches with the dress color but style is equally important. If you are choosing a fancy bridal dress with embellishments then your shoes should also have some embellishments. In case you are purchasing plain white dress then plain sandals or shoes would look fine.

Summer weddings are bit relaxing as they don’t require much of these still you have to ensure that the bridal shoes you are interested in matches with your shoes and looks nice on you.

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