How To Choose Right Plus Size Jeans

In order to choose right plus size fitting jeans you should understand the simple rules of composition and visual perception before applying them. You should also understand your cuts, shape to figure out what will look best on you. You ought to learn how to wear jeans as per body type.

If you are little overweight then looking good is not that easy, but you should not get disheartened by your weight and give up wearing jeans or tight clothing. You can’t simply hit the gym and loose those extra pounds under your belly in few days. A well cut good stretchable, well shaped to fit your body, but not too tight jeans can simply cover the flaws. Understand your body type and buying the correct jean made for your body style can do the trick for you. Remember the trick is choosing the correct size custom cut for larger women jeans.

Right Plus Size Jeans Which Fits Well

Women’s plus size jeans should be made from either blue or black denim and should fit nicely. Keep in mind that too tight or too loose will surely make you look bigger which is not what you want right? Make sure you go for stretchable jeans made from nice denim because you will be moving, walking, doing stuff whole day so stretch jeans will be more comfortable.

Golden rule of plus size jeans lies in their bottom cuts. Bottoms of plus size jeans should either be boot cut or have small flares to make you look taller and slimmer. Similarly, you should buy jeans which make your stomach look flatter and not bulky. Consider buying high-rise size jeans or mid rise size jeans. Other option is to buy bock party jeans worn with long shirts to cover your top.

Women with large bottom (heavy bust) should buy jeans with large pockets which will surely make their bottom look smaller. Similarly, those with flat bottom should buy good jeans for larger women with detailed pockets that are placed high on their back side. Always buy boot cuts or flare jeans especially if your thighs are little bulky.

Western jeans are pretty similar to regular plus size jeans which should be mid-to-high rise jeans worn with stylish belt to bring attention back to the waist and not to other overweight body parts. You will also notice this method in lots of large busted women’s. Buy good 2 inches buckles of silver or gold color which will also draw attention back to the waist.

If you are too specific about size then ensure that the boot cut should not have more than 18 inches openings enough to cover your boots. Moreover, they should be 4 inches longer than the inseam so they cover your boot even when you are riding a bike.

Now, you know the basics of choosing right plus size fitting jeans but if you are still wondering from where you should buy these specific jeans then don’t worry. Most of the department stores offer plus size jeans but based on your prior understanding of your body type you can carefully select what’s best for you. Dark colors especially blue or black are excellent choices for plus size denim jeans as they can cover up your flaws easily. Keep in mind that it’s not about the size but shape you are looking for.

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