As soon as winter knocks the door you will see a sudden rise in woolen accessories including jackets, sweaters etc. If you look closely you will find that you have ample sweaters dresses in your wardrobe but only few jackets and overcoats why? The reason could be anything but the fact is women and men love to wear sweaters as they come in different variety every year. The style changes every year which is clearly evident. Following is a list of cool sweater types available in different styles.

V-neck Pullovers: V-neck pullovers usually provide a feel of casual clothing. Due to their being cozy and comfortable we can wear them all day long. Best thing about pullovers is that you can wear them over jeans, polo or with tees. That’s perfect, when you are going somewhere sporting a casual look still being comfortable against cold.

Turtleneck Sweaters: Due to their being so cozy you can only wear them during extreme cold winters. Turtleneck sweaters if worn correctly will give a very fashionable look especially if worn under suit or jacket. If you have leather jacket try wearing this sweater under it and open the front zip of jacket to stay stylish still being cozy and warm. All you have to do is choose a perfect fit turtleneck sweater and wear sensibly. If you sweater is not a good fit it may give an inept impression.

Men’s Sweater Vest: Should be worn in very frosty days. This piece of clothing can be worn either for a regular day or as another piece in a semi formal outfit. Usually, they are paired with a dress shirt which adds style and charm to the whole outfit due to their unique shape and often brightness of colors.

Polo Sweaters: A Polo sweater gives a feel of summer and can be worn in warm sunny days. Polo sweaters are made up of cotton with short sleeves. Best thing about these sweaters is that they can either be worn in office or can be worn outside. They give casual as well as business look. Only, drawback is that they do not provide much coziness as they are good for warm weather only.

Cardigans: There is misconception that cardigans are only used by old and unfashionable people but the fact is cardigans came back in fashion and they look cool. Modern cardigans are usually made up of cashmere, cotton or wool which gives them damn good look. Best thing about cardigans are that they are breathable.

Cashmere Sweaters: Undoubtedly, the best choice for winters for women and men. Cashmere sweaters are very popular as most of the styles, trends revolves around these. Trendy cashmere sweater suits to all cold weathers. The fabric used for cashmere sweaters is very cozy, stylish, luxurious and soft. Moreover, there is a huge list of colors available for cashmere sweaters making them perfect for sweaters. Even the term sweaters can be justified by the mere mention of cashmere sweaters.

If you have the above sweaters in your wardrobe then you are all set for the upcoming winters and can move around freely without worrying about weather or style. Wear them sensibly and enjoy.

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