There is no rocket science in understanding that women love parties, they feel elated when they are about to attend one. But at the same time they often get confused over what to wear for the particular even. Choosing a nice evening dress for an occasion, the one thing which you need the most is the common sense. There are so many things to be taken care of when you choose a dress for a special occasion. Now, in this guide, I am going to give you some tips for choosing a dress for an event. I hope these guidelines will help you in making selection.

  • At first, you should be well aware of the event for which you are going to choose your evening dress. And then think of who is going to accompany you and who are all will be present in that event.
  • When we talk about the common sense, you must know that a colorful dress is not OK for a funeral and don’t wear a sexy dress for a formal occasion. So, your choice must be sensible.
  • Always check your comfort level. Any dress you choose, you must be comfortable into that. A nice dress enhances your confidence and makes you feel great whether it is knee high or drapes your floor.
  • If your height is shorter then you should go for vertically stripped skirts and shirts would be fine because it would make you look taller. You can also go for v-necks and vertical pleats. If you are a taller person then you should go for horizontal stripes kind of dress. You can choose horizontal features like frills, hem lines and waist lines.
  • When you are going to choose colors then go for colorful dresses for the parties and festivals. But when going to choose for any formal occasion then you should choose either black and white or any dark and light color combinations.

Tips For Choosing A Dress For A Dinner Party

You should honor the hostess of a dinner party by dressing in a manner that is suitable. There are many things to be taken care of when going to choose a dress for a dinner party. You must know in advance how formal the event will be and plan your wardrobe accordingly.

  • At first, take a look at your invitation. Sometimes, you may find instructions stating “White Tie” or “Formal” or “Cocktail Attire” which can direct your wardrobe choices.
  • Talk to the host of the party a couple of days beforehand if you are in doubt as to the dress expected for the event.
  • Know that except for the most informal of dinner parties, such as barbecues or picnics, jeans and shorts are generally not acceptable attire especially when you are invited for home-based dinner party.
  • You can wear a sports jacket and trousers for an event where “Business Attire” is indicated. Matching pantsuits or skirts are suggested.
  • If you are going on cocktail attire then you should choose a dress or pant suit that is slightly dressier than something that would be worn in an office context.
  • Dust off the tuxedo and black tie for an event that requires “formal attire”. For the women, an evening dress with a light jacket or other arm covering is acceptable.
  • On white tie event, you can wear a long ball gown. This is used for only formal affairs, such as dinner with political or international dignitary.
  • Be sure about the fitting of your dress. The dress should be properly fitted. Prepare your dress in advance so that you are not embarrasses by your appearance.

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