Everyone loves to wear designer clothing and enhance their personality but famous brands like D&G clothing, Versace, Prada clothing, Gucci clothing’s etc. which are very costly as their range starts from hundreds to thousands of dollars. With this kind of prices an average individual can’t afford to buy these luxurious brands. Buying these designers clothing from shopping stores or retail outlets is very costly but if you are big fan of these designer brands of clothing then there are few other options which will give you good deal and save money. In this article I am presenting few ways you can use to purchase these designers clothing to save money.

  1. Discount Sales: Most of big stores clear their stock by putting these branded clothing on sale. You can track these sales and buy a nice pair of clothing in almost 40-50% off original rate. Most of these designers clothing have best protection measures so you can wait for such sales before buying. Believe me your wait is worthy because you can grab a nice pair of designer clothing for almost half of the original price.
  2. eBay Auction: eBay is very popular online store where people sell or auction their stuff which not necessarily be second hand (used). Many people/stores are offering big discount on designer clothing. You can also browse through long listing and find out the cheapest price for same item. Buying on eBay is a great money saver.
  3. Bazaars and Garage Sales: Garage sales are cool way of getting nice clothing and other remarkable stylish clothing but you have to wait a little longer if you opt for this option. Sometimes if you are lucky enough you will find charity auctioning your favorite celebrity’s clothing which are really cool. Just wait and see the miracle.
  4. Replica Designer Clothing: If you don’t find your favorite designer clothing on any of the above route then you can buy designer replicas readily available in the market. These replica clothing are made to look exactly the same as of your favorite designer branded clothing but they are much cheaper in cost. These designer replicas are not very durable but with the price range you can buy your next clothing anytime near future so you don’t have to worry much. These replicas don’t create any holes in your pocket and looks very stylish.

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