No matter how well you dress, there is always going to come a day where you need to conform to rules. This isn’t a problem for some of us, but for the dedicated fashionista, it sends shivers down your spine. We aren’t just talking about work uniforms; we are talking about the dreaded dress code too.

A dress code is horrendous. Some only say “Smart but Casual” what does that even mean? Surely you are either one or the other? Another dreadful dress code is “Black Tie” That is great for the guys, thanks. But for us women, black tie is a tricky code to work out.

Do we go formal and in a ball gown? Or stick to a cocktail dress? It’s almost as confusing as a military event. If the men aren’t in their mess dress, a cocktail is fine. If they are in Mess dress, then you need to be wearing a ball gown.

It’s all just so complicated

There is, however, a way around it all. Stick to the basic charms of a little, or maxi, black dress and then use your accessories to style it up. That way you can be sure to fit into any event, and you can add your unique spin through the gorgeous accessories that you adorn yourself in.

You may want to stick to something chic and subtle, so work with plain silver or gold. Check out ELF925 overstock wholesale jewelry lots to see if you can find some bargain pieces for any parties you have coming up.  If you want to be a little more dramatic, then go with some bold tribal pieces which will stand out beautifully against the simplicity of your black dress.

You can go to town with color and pattern, even adding a little texture through feathered pieces if you like. This is why it is best to stick to the basics when you are thinking about the dress.

Of course, you might want to tell the other party goers that you are a little different to the norm. If this is the case, then opt for a catsuit. A full length all in one with a slim fitting leg could make you stand out in a crowd. Especially if you go with sequins or a high sheen fabric.

Just make sure that you don’t go overboard with your necklaces and stick to an elegant diamond, if you are opting for this look. Keep it sweet and subtle with just a little nod to your individuality.

When you are told what you have to wear, accept it. We all have to fit inside a box sometimes. It’s what you do with that space that matters. So fit the brief and then push the boundaries. You will look unique and everyone will know you are more star-shaped than straight-laced.