Feel sexy and be the greatest wife for your husband as you are a great mom for your baby. You are a fortunate mom to have two loving people around you, your husband and your little joy to make you feel sexy and wanted. Make the most of your love-life and feel sexy again post pregnancy.

Lighting up romance again post pregnancy may be difficult at times. Things normally change once the child is born. Love in many relationships takes the backseat with motherhood taking the front stage.

The center of attraction is now your tiny toddler and you at times ignore your husband. The act might not be an intended rather accidental.

Here arises the need to rekindle the romance in your relationship. You have to revive the beautiful sentiments that brought you both closer and kept you for so long.

Remember the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.

With motherhood becoming priority, you may not feel sexy and attractive all the time. With newly found child’s responsibility , you feel tired and exhausted most of the time. Your energy level falls low and you inadvertently ignore your man.

10 Ways To Feel Sexy Again During and Post Pregnancy

You have been so preoccupied with the new arrival that you never had the time to groom yourself and think about your husband. He might be feeling left out and now is the time to spend some time with him. Just think about some fun ideas to make you feel sexy.
Here are mentioned top 10 ways to feel sexy and seductive once again post pregnancy:

1. Just lock the door

Spend some time together. Lock the door and spend some quality and valuable time with just two of you inside. It is extremely romantic.

2. Cuddle him

Hold your partner and shower kisses and hold him tight. Show how much he matters to you and express how much you need him.

3. Get a new dress:

Wear a new sexy dress and surprise him. Believe it he will love the surprise. This will lighten up the romance that had been dormant for some time.

4. Shower together

Taking a bath together is a brilliant idea to revive the romance once again. Bathing together will make you feel luxuriated, sexier and wanted. The water drops will wash up all the monotonous feelings that had cropped up between the two of you. So shower together and be bold and romantic.

5. Give a body massage

Giving a body massage is a fabulous way to renew the partner’s attention and your sex life again. Take fragrant soothing oil and massage your man to get closer to him both emotionally and physically.

6. Exercise

Exercises and feel fit about your body. This will help you get rid of those extra kilos gained during pregnancy. So feel sexy and sweat the unwanted calories.

7. Go for a candle light dinner

It may sound a bit childish, but do it if you feel your relationship needs some space. Spend some valuable time with the man of your life in solace with just the two of you and no one else. Sounds romantic and sexy! Isn’t it!

8. A sexy note

Leave a sexy note in his pocket. Pen down what and how you feel about him. Be sexy in writing words because they are your mouthpiece so express how you feel and what you ant from him. All of it!

9. A romantic gift

Romantic gifts are a great turn-on so gift him a beautiful sexy pants or a lower.

10. Sexy chocolates and perfumes

There is no alternative to chocolates and perfumes when it comes to feeling sexy and wanted. So get some relishing dark chocolates and spray his favorite perfume, you will notice the tremendous amount of joy this will bring to his face. You will be proud of beautiful gesture.

Motherhood is extremely important but your husband too needs you. So try to keep a balance between your ne found bundle of joy and the love of your life. Spend time with your partner and look after the baby. A harmonious balance is vital for a happy and loving family. You have to build a bond with your baby as well as bond your family.

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