Are you a new mom? Is it often that you experience tiredness and fatigue while looking after your new found responsibility that of a new mother? Your personal grooming and care takes the back foot and your entire attention is focused on your bundle of joy. Postpartum depression might be common feature affecting your health adversely.

A common complication occurring post pregnancy is the postpartum depression. It is a common condition with most of the women. As per studies more than 13% women struggle with postpartum depression in the year following the birth of their child

Pregnancy is a lifetime experience and should not be dreaded because of the aftermath depression.

A ship under sail and a big-bellied woman, are the handsomest two things that can be seen common.
– Benjamin Franklin.

To tackle the problem, your doctor may advice medicines and psychotherapy. But there are some natural ways to deal with postpartum depression or PPD.

The natural ways are risk-free and devoid of side-effects that are usually associated with modern drugs. The PPD (postpartum depression) can be dealt effectively with the non conventional ways that are completely safe and can even be used by the nursing moms. Her are no apprehensions of contracting any adverse effects.

10 Natural Ways To Fight Postpartum Depression & Enjoy Motherhood

Here are listed top 10 ways to help you combat postpartum depression in a natural safe manner:

1.  Bright Light Therapy

It is one of the popular techniques of handling post pregnancy depression.  In this therapy the level of serotonin is analyzed by the effect of light. Serotonin is a hormone that induces a feeling of well being or a feeling of goodness. Exposure to bright light results in increase in its secretion. It indeed is a safe way to get rid of depression in household setting. Portable light boxes are used to serve the purposes.

2. Acupuncture Therapy

Another significant way to deal with depression is the age old acupuncture therapy. This therapy is concerned with the insertion of needles at specific vital pressure points in the body. This treatment is based with maintaining equilibrium in the various hormones of the body. Acupuncture therapy for postpartum depression also boosts the energy of the woman  lost due to the process of child-birth.

3. Blue Light Blocking

A mom usually gets up in the middle of the night and feels her tiny tot. At this time she is directly exposed to harsh light. This direct light interferes with the functioning of melatonin hormone that accounts to result in causing depression and disturbing her regular sleep pattern. Using a mild blue light in the bedroom can reduce this effct and be soothing for the mother.

4. Breathing Techniques

By practicing breathing exercises, you can make labor easy and even control your emotions effectively. Breathing exercises help you in controlling your heart rate and lower the blood pressure. This will make you peaceful and controlled.

5. Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation

Trans-cranial magnetic stimulation is a new quick non-invasive method to deal with postpartum depression.  In this method mood control is achieved by using magnetic waves in regulating and stimulating brain cells.

6. Exercises

Your emotional quotient can be raised by regular exercises. They will also bring you back in shape. Soon you will be instilled with a feeling of well being. Exercises remove the adrenaline hormone from the circulation and increase the secretion of endorphins which are the known mood elevators.

7. Soothing Massages

Massages are the best way to pamper your depressed body. It rejuvenates your dull and prosaic being and fills you with renewed energy. It relaxes your mind and body and helps you get rid of all the negative feelings and thoughts.

8. Vital Nutrition

Inadequate nutrition is an important reason for having post partum depression in most of the ladies. Nutrition is one thing that usually takes the backseat while moms spend their time in ensuring care and nursing their tiny babies.

A diet rich in all the vital nutrients is what is needed to ensure you take a healthy nutritious diet. Folic acids, iron calcium, manganese, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and magnesium should be taken in good amount.

To have a healthy mind and body you should take ample amount of omega-3 fatty acids in your daily diet. Foods like nuts, fishes, etc are enriched with the goodness of omega 3 fatty acid, so take enough of it.

9. Psychotherapy

An extremely popular method that is widely followed worldwide is psychotherapy. Depression caused due to delivery is effectively controlled by this technique. It is popularly known as cognitive behavioral therapy. The depressed woman expresses her inner self before a professional therapist. The therapist figures out the actual cause of her depression and suggests her way to deal with it.

10. Sleep Well

A nursing mother finds it difficult to have adequate rest. SO when your baby rests try to have some sound sleep. Improper sleep renders you irritable and annoying.  Ask for help from your family members to look after the baby and have uninterrupted sleep for few quite hours. Sleep is highly essential for a new mom.

Remember you are a proud mother and enjoy your newly attained motherhood. It is the best role that a woman plays in her life.

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