Wonder why pregnant women are encouraged to eat chocolate? Preeclampsia or giving birth prematurely is a risk pregnant women are ask to be beware of. Giving birth pre-maturely can be risk to the baby as the baby has not developed fully and may not be ready to come out. Weakness in the mother-to-be can be fatal for the baby and hence, eating chocolate up to thrice a week is encouraged by doctors to avoid Preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia is a condition where the pregnant lady’s blood pressure rises and gives way to blockage of nutrients and lack of proper oxygen to the baby. Risk perceived of the same earlier will result in the doctor prescribing early admit to the hospital or continual bed rest to relieve the stress on the baby. A prematurely born baby has very less chances of surviving and hence, medication is immediately given to reduce the blood pressure of the mommy-to-be.

Research done by the Yale University which entailed interviewing pregnant women of their diet habits showed that women who indulged in chocolate more did not see Preeclampsia occur. Theobromine from cocoa was held responsible for not letting the blood pressure rise in pregnant women which is why they were recommended to eat it.
How do you introduce chocolate in to your diet? Well that’s not most women will find difficult to do. Being pregnant can be your chance at gobbling as much tasty snacks and food in a lifetime. Eating right and also eating yummy around this time is essential. The baby as well as your health is concerned and for the same a little bit of chocolate thrice a week is a must.

Stack your freezer with chocolate ice cream boxes or drink a healthy hot chocolate drink each morning or night. Eat healthy fruit salads by pouring some chocolate on it. If you went around looking for recipes which need chocolate, there are plenty. Make yourself some cupcakes and donuts.

Preeclampsia is not just responsible for high blood pressure but may also cause clotting, convulsions, liver and kidney problems. Even more the reason you should be eating chocolate. We are not sure most pregnant women will have a problem succumbing to this must eat food item (chocolate).

Bitter chocolate like Lindt is even more considered a better option with high content of cocoa. You may not want to eat chocolate every thrice a week but then at least try to eat plenty at once. Cravings are quite the thing during pregnancy. Binge on chocolate treats and find yourself keeping your baby healthy.

It is not bad to put on a little bit of weight by eating chocolate rather than risk of of losing your baby. Eat chocolates often and you know what, your baby will love it too.

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