Eighth Month Of Pregnancy: Your baby’s organs are now fully developed, except for the lungs which continue developing. The skin has turned pink from the red before. Fingernails have grown and reach the end of the fingers. Some babies may even need a nail trim right after birth. The baby is more sensitive to light and may open and close eyes depending on the amount of exposure.

The brain is now in rapid growth development and will result in more kicking than before. He/she may have settled upside down but may change position again. The baby may still continue moving. Hair continues to grow on the head and the patch amount differs from baby to baby. The more the baby stays inside you, the less the baby stays in the hospital to be taken care off after birth.

Also, the umbilical cord is a source of play for your baby. He/she may love to twist or turn it; it is covered with a gelatinous substance to avoid knotting or developing kinks.

Eighth Month Of Pregnancy – What to Expect & Symptoms

  • During this stage of pregnancy, you may experience soreness around your lower rib cage. This is the result of your uterus pushing against it to accommodate your baby. Added to this you may feel sore once your pelvis has expanded especially towards the back of it.
  • Back ache is a common symptom of pregnancy and with the weight of the baby it can be a real sore point. Ask your partner to massage your back or use a hot water bottle to relieve your back muscles.
  • Your feet can hurt or swell up around the ankles. Try the hot water bottle on your ankles and do not work on your feet. It will tire you and put your soles on fire.
  • You will also continue feeling Braxton hicks i.e. tightening of your abdomen every now and then. This is a practice for the abdomen before the birthing.

What you must do during the Eighth Month Of Pregnancy

You will be restricted from any kind of travel from now on; even air travel is not considered safe. Your baby at this time is preparing for the birthing and is said to be setting itself in its position. A lot of women deliver in the eighth month of pregnancy. Hence it is advised you take added rest and avoid any trouble.

Restrain from intercourse as it can harm the baby or even result in a miscarriage.
Practice breathing for maximum intake of oxygen to your baby and for the time of birthing.

Buy things for your baby keeping in mind the length of 60 cms even though things today are available easily for new born babies. Buy bathing towels, socks, bonnets and anything else you want.

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Pregnancy Month By Month

  • Jehnavi

    The baby now has many features and expressions, is an adult. Its a regular sleep and wake cycles, that most mothers have gradually become accustomed. His periods of sleep, your childs experience of REM or rapid-eye-movement stage of sleep, which researchers think that he has dreams, just like during our REM stage of sleep.

  • Littlejr3

    My baby and I were neglected at 8 months pregant and relused in him passing in my womb. He was deceased at least a week before they induced to to deliver him. With this being said if u believe something is not right within you’re body please push for safety of you and your un born child.