To tell you a simple way to calculate your due date, take the first day of your last menstrual cycle and count nine months down and add seven days to be approximate. This method is also used by doctors even though ovulation has not occurred at this time. First time mothers or women who suspect they are pregnant and have missed their period can take a home test to confirm their suspicion before they visit the doctor.

Your first appointment with the gynecologist will set the course for your many tests that will be needed during the duration of your pregnancy. First month pregnancy need to be confirmed by the doctor. During the first four weeks, the sperm fertilizes the egg and travels through the fallopian tube to implant it in the uterus. Your baby at this point is called Blastocyst. Next the Chorionic villi forms which help the pregnancy sustain till the development of the placenta. Till this point you may not be aware of the pregnancy yourself but may begin to feel something different about your body.

First Month Pregnancy – What to expect & symptoms

  • A missed period is what most women fear as a sign of having conceived. A late period though is also a sign of pregnancy. Use a pregnancy test kit before you assume anything.
  • Tiredness, exhaustion are some of the earliest signs of pregnancy and occur majorly in the first few weeks. Change of routine, better sleep, siesta in the afternoon are a few things that will help a pregnant woman get through her day.
  • Morning sickness is something a lot of women experience It may persist only for a few weeks or in the early months.
  • Your body and mind both adjust to the new development with your body i.e. you see a lot physical & emotional changes with yourself. Breast tenderness is a physical change seen in most pregnant women. You may feel a difference in your breast and nipple size, tenderness and darkening of areola’s. Also you will find heavier vaginal secretions, tightening of the waist band given the bloated feeling.
  • Try to keep your surroundings fresh smelling as you will be sensitive to odors or you can even keep a mini bar of soap with you.

What you must do during the first month of pregnancy

Take ingredients rich in folic acids. If your diet lacks in it, take multivitamins which include folic acid but confirm with doctor first. A baby at this early stage can develop neural defects. A diet rich in folic acid prevent so.

While you visit your doctor, ask as many questions as you want to clear any doubts at your end. Notify the doctor of any weird symptoms like colored discharge, blood spotting, faintness, dizziness. A few of the symptoms may be seen during first month pregnancy but are not supposed to persist for a long time.

Do not push yourself too much. Instead put your feet up and take a little rest. Please leave me a comment and let me know your first month experiences. Don’t forget to subscribe our RSS to receive latest updates.

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