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Body Odor Causing Foods

Body Odor: 10 Foods That Cause Bad Body Odor

Food is dire and essential for our existence but there are certain foods that are known to impart a foul body odor and act as dark spots to your personality. They sabotage your reputation and lower your confidence.

10 Ways to Avoid Junk & Eat Healthy Food – Quit...

You should always eat what is best for you body and health and not what is simply filling. Abstinence from junk food is not a tough task at all, provided you are determined to do so. Just arm yourself with will power and determination and quit the harmful food.
Exercises to Lose Weight Fast & Easy

16 Best Exercises To Lose Weight Fast

Women dream of having celebrity like figure but do not know how to acquire one. The sight of beautiful clothes in your wardrobe always inspires you to have a great figure and flaunt them. But being overweight you simply dread the idea of wearing them. Here are 16 great exercises to lose weight fast and easy to help you fulfill your dreams.

Diet Foods that make you FAT

Have you ever wondered why even after going only for diet food option you end up piling on the pounds? One reason could be...

7 Healthy Foods To Look Pretty & Young

Some healthy foods can miraculously make you look pretty and young. These healthy foods can make your skin glow and keep your body healthy....

Ankle Liposuction As Treatment

Women find it very hard to get rid of the fat built up around their ankles. This area tends to be resistant to most...
Irregular & Abnormal Uterine Bleeding - Causes, Prevention & Treatments

Uterine Bleeding – Causes, Prevention & Treatment

A woman normally menstruates every 21-35 days and the bleeding phase lasts for about 2-7 days. This is normal menstruation. Any deviation from this...

How To Loose Weight By Cutting Soda From Your Diet

Women often look for tips to loose weight by simply cutting soda and sweetened drinks. As per American Journal of Clinical Nutrition a person...
20 Things You Should Know About First Aid

First Aid: 20 Things You Should Know About First Aid

First aid is the primary provision that should be done while dealing with any emergency condition. The knowledge of first aid is important in order to fulfill following three objectives. To prevent any further injury, To preserver and safeguard life of the victim and To speed up recovery of the victim.

Super Food Combinations To Keep You Healthy

Healthy body is God's best gift to a human being. It is well said "Healthy mind resides in a Healthy Body". Moreover, in order...