Being friends with your soul mate is definitely a boon. If you share a cordial and amicable relation with your loved one, you probably are going to have a great time.
Life presents situations where you need your partner to understand you in a better way. That is when you need your lover to be your friend.

Falling in love and spending life with your friend is indeed the best you can expect in a relationship. Buddies can be great lovers as they know your moods quite well.

Remember love needs time to grow and to last forever. Someone has said, “True love never dies for it is lust that fades away. Love bonds for a lifetime but lust just pushes away.”

Love doesn’t just sit there like a stone; it has to be made – like bread, remade all the time, made new.

Love relationship is very delicate and great care is needed to maintain it. You should be friends with your partner for maintaining the viability of the relationship. Clear conscience, honesty and trust are the qualities that strengthen the relationship. You should be committed and emotionally bonded with your partner and should be first a friend and then a lover.

10 Reasons Why Friends Can Be Better Lovers

Here are listed few reasons why friends make great lovers:

1. Understand you

Every relationship requires a sound understanding of each other and love is no exception. If you have a good understanding of each other your relationship is bound to succeed.

2. Compatibility

Being compatible is another reason why friends are good lovers. You share a good level of compatibility apart from being emotionally involved with your friend. There is no place for hesitation as you know he or she will easily comprehend.

3. Value each other

Friends generally value each other’s decision and opinions. This is an important thing that contributes positively to a relationship. With friends you are pretty confident that your thoughts will be taken into account –an important aspect that might be missing otherwise.

4. Sexual enhancement

With friends you are more emotionally and sexually involved as there is no place or fear of being misunderstood. You know your partner more than anything anyone else. You are ell verse with his/her likes and dislikes. Sex as we know is an integral part of a relationship and the pleasure or gratification can be enhanced if you are compatible with you partner.

5. Knows your shortcomings

A friend knows your shortcomings and this saves you from unintentional expression of your flaws before others. You are protected against embarrassment in front of others.

6. Ample humor and positivity

Positivity imparts good shade to your personality as well as relationship. Friends are wonderful radiators of humor and positivity. This is vital to keep the relationship alive and lively. Life may become boring and monotonous if you do not have some lively and humorous moments. Such moments act as catalyst to your sexual life.

7. Mutual reciprocation

The success of a relationship largely depends upon the extent of reciprocation that individuals get out of it. Absence of reciprocity is a killer of spontaneity in your relationship. You should respond to your partners call.

If this sentiment is replaced with aversion, it is undoubtedly the beginning of the end. Friends are in a better position to sustain mutual reciprocation.

8. Appreciation and encouragement

Your buddy is well versed with the positive traits of your personality. He/she will not hesitate in highlighting them. This will prove to be great encouraging point for you in your endeavors. There is no ego hassle that is often seen with non- compatible partners.

9. Easy communication

Communication is the backbone for strengthening any relationship. If you are friends with your partner, communication becomes easy and enjoyable. Expression of emotions and feelings is much easier and simpler.

10. Easy attention

It is easy to gain the attention of someone you are friends with. You are not supposed to wait till he share and express himself. There is no formality; he is yours and easily accessible. Straightforwardly you can talk to him and seek his attention. This is the most important reason why friends make great lovers.

Remember if you are not your partner’s buddy, try being one. You will see how prosperously your relationship will flourish.

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