Work and dalliance together is not exactly the perfect recipe. While we know that working at office can take away most time, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Office romances only sound good while they are good. The moment things go downhill, an office romance can either turn embarrassing, getting you fired or make the office space unbearable to work in if you are still working over the hangover.

A lot people do get married to people in the same field but then there are also those who get married to someone outside the field. Office romance need mature handling and discretion. Plus, we would only recommend you to try it if you can handle, get over it and provided the person opposite is single. Just working together and being attracted to each other does not mean you can go ahead with it. People around are going to notice unless you can keep it down quiet and only carry it outside office.

An office romance to say the least can be a cause of distraction for you and affect your work scenario. People who involve themselves either see a boost in performance or drop in it. Being a career man or woman you definitely have to decide your priority and also see what the other person’s are. Are you more important that work on his/her list or not?

Also, to point out a very critical point is that you may expect partial behavior benefits and also on being criticized may not take it easily. Can you separate your feelings at work and expect professionalism and deal with it. Most can’t.  Another very important point here is that employees getting together can be looked down upon by the company or can be mentioned about in the contracts or company policy. Today a lot of companies prefer to take married couples to their portfolio so that they do not feel the pressure but if your company decides to fire the likes who want to carry on a fling or which can affect work, you hardly want that to happen.

A few suggestions from our end if you are already involved in one is that, maintain caution and discretion. Secondly do not waste any time ending relationship before it does too far and you think it is not working. Try to judge the person beforehand to detect is he/she can turn on the revenge signal on being dumped or things going back. If you can lead it outside office and also carry on without it affecting your work, by all means go for it. Yet if that promotion you have been working for is close and you have the opportunity on the other hand for the fling say no and get promoted instead.

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