With the onset of the winter season, call for bringing scarves into play is initiated. The scarfs are a fashion accessory which helps prevent the neck line against extreme cold. Moreover, scarves not only set a style statement but are also helpful in regulating the body temperature and central nervous system by covering the neck area.

These days scarves are available in various colors, texture, size and shapes patterns and designs which are quite overwhelmingly and are just appropriate for any occasions. The list is choices are endless ensuring that there is at least one to suit with your style statement for every occasion.

In winters the scarf are commonly worn on the head. Scarf’s helps the long haired people in winters to manage their uncontrollable hair in a stylish manner. The scarf’s are also worn in warm weathers and one of the most common one is tichels which is also known as head scarf’s or mitpachot .

The scarfs in warm weathers help protect the neck from sun’s heat reducing the darkening of the neck. These scarfs are made of very soft viscose or cotton fabric which can be worn in various styles the classic tie, the dutch style, the crown, knot etc.

The scarf’s are readily available in geometrical, slim, thick, floral, abstract, hound’s tooth, pin stripes and two toned patterns. Scarf’s with unique patterns such as tribal and indigenous are also readily available and are quite stylish. Varied option of colors ranging from soft to pastel going to deep primary colors are also available to choose from.

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