For a viable and sustainable relationship, it is imperative ti know what men like in women. The likes and dislikes of the two sexes differ in approach. A woman may like heavy make-up and a man may just despise the heavily painted look.

Men are a little crazy and crazier is their approach. Beautiful voluptuous cleavage and an enticing figure are definitely appealing but there are some unpredictable things as well that turn on men. Men share some sweet and weird moves which are irresistible.

Want to make everyday a memorable and romantic day. Just know your men and see how beautifully your life changes. Your love life will become intense and hot and your man will be yours only. Spend some in discovering the qualities that he likes and make your love life a wonderfully irresistible experience.

Here are 10 Weird Things Men Love In Women or you can say 10 weird things that men get attracted to:

1. Attire:

They just love women in baggy and casual outfit, walking in style and tremendously beaming with confidence.

2. No make-up:

Usually men are not attracted to heavily painted girls. They love the natural and make-up free look. They rarely pay attention to smokey eyes and dark lipsticks. So ladies do not waste precious time and money and just be natural.

3. Lively wit:

It is not physical contact that can only draw men towards you. Your vivacious wit and sharp humor can do wonders in attracting men towards you. So be smart and witty. Simply crack a joke and get men wooed.

4. Lingerie:

The weirdest thing that men like is the lingerie that does not match. Do not just run after a paired bra and panties, show that you are not prepared and see how hot and desired he will be.

5. Sexy curves:

Curvy is definitely sexy. Flat and skinny figures do not attract men. Love handles and curves never fail to get noticed.

6. Intelligence:

Traits like intelligence, confidence, decisive nature, sexual openness and emotional maturity attract men as they love to be close to intelligent people rather than dumb and beautiful women. Beauty with brains is appreciated. Go ahead and flaunt your real self. Mere display of beauty is not sufficient enough. Show your sensuality and express your wildest fantasies because that is what men like.

7. Baggy tee at bedtime:

Sounds strange, but that is what men love to see a woman in. Men like women in casuals and want to explore. They do not get turned on by women in formals.

8. Eye Contact:

Never shy away from your man. Just put your point emphatically and look into his eyes. Eye contact makes you irresistible and stronger.

9. Unkempt hair:

Women think that men are attracted by properly knit hair which is not true in real sense. Unkempt hairs attract men as they simply love bed-hair and kohl smudged eyes.

10. Orgasm:

Women believe that orgasm should not be expressed before men. This is absolutely false, displaying orgasm is an indication that a woman is strong enough to express her sexuality- something that men just long for.

Sexuality is an intimate and personal thing and should be expressed instead of being bottled up.

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  • Asgags

    lmao weird ass dude posting his fetishes as fact.. only the obvious here apply to men.

  • Atropos

    Number 5 is definitely pretty rude towards skinny women (who by the way, do not always starve themselves to get that way) There are plenty of men who can appreciate them out there. Men have different tastes and I don’t think you can speak for all of them when you say that one body type is desirable over another.

  • Valerie

    NOT EVERY MAN LOVES OR HATES THE SAME THINGS. Every man has their own preference, and there are many out there.

    That is ridiculous. I would say that there are just as many men who “love” (or simply like) a thing as there are who “hate” (or simply dislike) a particular thing.

    1: Some men don’t prefer “baggy” clothes on a woman and love stylishly dressed women.

    2: Some men think makeup looks nice. Just because you wear it, it doesn’t mean that you’re face is automatically “painted.” There is this thing called moderation.

    3: Some men don’t even have a sense of humor.

    ***4: “Curvy is definitely sexy” – sure, to a lot of men, I’m sure.

    “Flat and skinny figures do not attract men” – Skinny doesn’t have to mean flat. There are skinny women with curves too, and not so skinny one’s with none. And plenty of men love skinny women. Anyway, I’m sure there are even men who love flat, skinny women.. all types.

    “Love handles and curves never fail to get noticed” – I doubt loving love handles is a major thing… Though, I’m sure there are some men who do. Being fat and curvy are two completely different things. Fat is unhealthy.

    I don’t care to go over the rest…

  • Christa

    Funny that this is NOT what they buy or look at when self pleasuring themselves. Also, I NEVER heard a man say, “Man, look at that chick in those baggy closes with no makeup and that unkempt hair, she’s hot.” I don’t see them breaking these woman’s doors down to date either.
    I think you just want us to think that.
    Also, if this were true don’t you think there would be porn like this and it would out sell Playboy?