Infidelity In Relationship, there are a number of ways you can approach to this topic. Are you the one who cheated? Are you tempted to cheat on your partner? Have you fallen out of love with your partner? Did your partner cheat on you? Be it a marriage, a long live-in relationship or just a boyfriend – girlfriend relationship, infidelity is probably the worst case scenario in it.

To begin with, let’s say being attracted to someone else is not a crime, though it might look like that to your partner, such a thing is natural. The trick comes down to, your self-control. Can you let that moment of attraction pass and let it run its course but not indulge or would you still go forward and wreck your relationship? In a dating scenario, such a thing would still be possible but in a marriage, you are asking for a life time of pain and hurt and lack of trust to protrude. Is that fair to your partner?

In any case, if a partner feels that he or she has fallen out of love and would like to move on, show some respect by being honest with your partner. The thing people do wrong most of the time is keep their relationship moving while having a fling outside. Reason being they want to still hang on to both partners. It’s ok for you, what about him/her?

For someone who has been cheated on, the decision comes down to can you forgive your partner and move on with the relationship? Is your relationship ever going to be the same and are you ok with that? If not, do you think you can trust your partner again not to do the same? A lot of this depends on whether you know your partner well and have been observant of any changes.

Psychologists these days when counseling couples often ask the partner who’s been cheated on to think if they can let go of a whole relationship because of one incident. As much as we dislike it, at times, moving on without your partner seems the best option. Tough in the beginning, it can do good if your partner has a roving eye.

The trend of infidelity is more open in the West, not to say it does not exist everywhere else, but people have adopted it as a lifestyle. This should hardly be the case. Starting with the vows of ‘Till dead do us apart’ it should not lead to ‘Till cheating do us apart’.

We suggest give your partner a hearing, let them try and justify, even though we know there is no justifying for such behavior. If you can trust again and love again, stay put. Or else, move on and find love with another partner.

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