Men around the world loves to date a taller women because those who are tall have great chances of having perfect figure, at least men think this way. Women too aspire to look taller but it’s in the hand of nature, genes which plays a vital role in determining height of women and men. Women living in Asia are shorter than those living in USA, UK, and Australia because of nature and environmental effects.

Exercises in early stages of life blended with balanced diet can contribute to some extent but it’s not possible for every women increase their height. But if you don’t have a height still you don’t have to lose heart because you can still look tall by choosing elevator shoes or lift shoes which gives you a platform which will eventually make you look tall.
Many years of researches have made these elevator shoes which are a nice package for women which short height to look tall. Prior to elevator shoes people use to stand out those who wear rubber soles which were pretty much visible from outside. In order to look tall these soles were preferred for long time but their days are now numbered.

Shoes which are in market these days are too smart for people to recognize in first glance. They give a height increase as their exterior looks almost the same as of normal shoes but their interior have lots of cushions and lift which will make women look tall. The main issue was the comfort and durability which is slowly taken care of.

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