Third Month Pregnancy: The baby can officially be called a fetus in the third month of pregnancy. The last month of the first trimester, sees bones beginning to ossify i.e. they turn more solid. Eyelids formation takes place as they are otherwise open and huge in the face and also look a little misplaced. Also, teeth buds form and upper and lower limbs can be seen but even though the baby is moving spontaneously, only second time mothers can detect the movements this early in pregnancy.

The biggest part of the baby’s body is the head which is half the size of the whole body. Outer genitalia starts forming and differentiating the sex which means you cannot tell the sex yet. The heartbeat of the baby can be heard using a Doppler and is fast in the early stages of pregnancy.

You will gain about two to four pounds as your uterus takes the shape of a soft ball with the baby measuring about 3. 54 inches and finally you would start showing a bit.

Third Month Pregnancy – What to expect & symptoms

  • Nausea and dizziness, you will probably see the last of it by the end of this month. Most pregnant women are done with these symptoms by the end of the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Breast tenderness – heaviness, differentiation in size from before, darkening and increase in the size of areolas are common symptoms seen by pregnant women.
  • Frequent urination is a way of the body getting rid of toxins. Also, heavy discharge is one of the symptoms of pregnancy.
  • Constipation – This may require you to consult your doctor. Certain aspects or intake of your diet might be the primary cause of this. Also, around this month pregnant women experience a drop in hormones levels which makes digestion difficult. The doctor may or may not prescribe stool softeners depending on your condition.

What you must do during the third month pregnancy

If you’re underweight you will be asked to put on weight which does not mean you have to gorge on anything and everything. Eat healthy meals and make it a point to eat a little even if you’re not hungry. Overweight pregnant women should watch their diet to maintain a balance of staying healthy and not growing obese.

This may come across as contradicting to the above suggestion but eat whatever agrees with the body. If you could not stand something earlier but now love to eat it, do so. Food that helps you feel better and keeps you from throwing up is recommended. Though, avoid eating a lot of fish especially king mackerel, swordfish, tilefish, shark as they contain high levels of mercury and can harm the baby’s central nervous system.

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