The second month pregnancy is all about the development of the baby’s body. A number of body parts and organs like the muscles, bones, spinal cord, brain all start taking proper shape. At this stage, the blastocyst moves on to become an embryo and is still very small (measuring about 8 to 11 m) to decide the position of the baby. Towards the end of the month, the embryo also forms buds in place of the limbs. Still in the early stage of pregnancy, certain features of the face like eyelids also start developing.

The one thing that makes this month so beautiful is that by the sixth week, the heart starts beating and once you visit your doctor you will hear it.

Second Month Pregnancy – What to expect & symptoms

  • You may go through a skin and hair transformation. If you were battling hair fall or lack luster hair, you will find your hair getting a new life or even visa versa. As for your skin, pigmentation can occur – moles, marks, acne breakout, freckles darkening are some of the things you might experience. Use a good sunscreen to prevent any further tanning or exposure to your skin.
  • Nausea, dizziness continues through the second month of pregnancy with most women but only exist during the early stages of pregnancy.
  • You may lose a little weight which is normal as anorexia is one of the symptoms as well as the nausea also will take its toll. Given that, you may still find your waistband growing tighter on you.
  • Lot of the symptoms listed above are due to the hormones going a little haywire. Your body tries to accommodate all of that and still do away with toxins which results in frequent urges to urinate, gas, increase in vaginal secretion.

What you must do during the second month of pregnancy

Most miscarriages happen in the early stages of pregnancy. Hence, avoid lifting anything heavy or try to over exert yourself. Since exhaustion is a dilemma already, try to alter your lifestyle to give yourself ample rest and stay healthy. Drinking and smoking are a strict no-no as whatever you take in involves your baby too and can harm him or her. Go easy on the socializing or instead meet up with friends in a comfortable home seating.

Since a lot women begin to suspect their pregnancy in the second month, visit your doctor and seek advice and confirmation of your pregnancy. Notify the doctor of any prescription drugs you might be on. Discuss your diet and make changes to incorporate nutrition from A to Z keeping in mind your baby’s health.
Take small walks as you need as much oxygen intake as you can get and keep yourself happy and smiling; your baby feels your emotions.

Lastly, stir clear of cats or gardening. Toxoplasmosis is a parasite infection mainly transmitted by contact with cat feces or uncooked meat. Eat light snacks and appetizers for easy digestion and drink loads of water to rid your body of toxins.

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